Cottage Grove


Welcome to Cottage Grove its a city located 10 miles (16 km) south of Saint Paul in Washington County in the State of Minnesota. The city lies on the north bank of the Mississippi River, north of the confluence with the Saint Croix River. Cottage Grove and nearby suburbs form the southeast portion of Minneapolis-Saint Paul, the sixteenth largest metropolitan area, with about 3.52 million residents. 

Cottage Grove is part of the South Washington County School District (Independent School District 833). In the district are four high schools (Park High, Woodbury High, East Ridge High, and Alternative Learning Center). Cottage Grove consists of Park High School and Alternative Learning Center (ALC). Within the district are four middle schools (Cottage Grove Middle School, Oltman Middle School, Lake Middle School, Woodbury Middle School). Cottage Grove consists of only Cottage Grove Middle School. There are also 16 elementary schools throughout the school district. Cottage Grove has six of the elementary schools: Armstrong Elementary, Cottage Grove Elementary, Crestview Elementary, Grey Cloud Elementary, Hillside Elementary, and Pine Hill Elementary. East Ridge High School is the newer of the high schools, and opened in the fall of 2009, serving students in grades nine through eleven until 2010, which then changed it to include twelfth graders. Students from Woodbury and Cottage Grove who live in the designated area go to East Ridge instead of their older high school.



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